Some new music ... yet another Zappa Tribute

I managed to get a new tune recorded on Sunday, January 02, 2011

After watching my new copy of Frank Zappa, "The Torture Never Stops", which is a DVD of his great concert from Halloween Night, 1981 at the Palladium in New York, I was feeling a bit down, realizing that Mr Zappa has actually been gone for more than ten years. We'll never have another musician like him. So I pulled out my new Xaviere XV-870, plugged in, and recorded this:

Dimaension X "Ink Ero Des"

It's basically a cover of Frank Zappa's guitar solo section of his song "Inca Roads". One of my favorite solos from Frank (and apparently one of the more popular guitar solos from him, since there's a ton of different versions of this very solo).

Hope y'all like.

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Dimaension X said...

Is anyone else less than impressed with my fumble-fingered bungling of this song. At first I thought it came out okay, but upon further listens, I am less than impressed.

I'm a bit rusty, folks. Time to bone-up a bit and practice the leads again, along with my new found love for rhythm.