E-Crisis-1 gets the "George Lucas" treatment

This project was originally one of my last "cassette tape" recordings from 1998, just before I finally began recording on computer and CDs. Stylistically, it is more similar to my "Bryson's Universe" album. Spacey synths, simple rock rhythms and extended guitar solos. I was going to try transferring the original songs directly from cassette, but the sound quality was just too bad.

I also realized that I deleted all of my original MIDI files, so I could not use any pre-existing tracks. I decided to re-create the whole thing completely from scratch. Yay.

So I sat at the computer with my DAW open, and started listening to the tape. And began playing/programming all new tracks. And made some revisions here and there, but the songs are basically the same as before, but a bit different, revising the order of some of the tracks, and trying to re-create some of the weirder synth sounds from my old Casio keyboards with GM Standard MIDI sounds in my Cakewalk TTS-1 VSTi, and a few other VSTi's.

Overdubbing and punching-in guitar tracks will also be very different than my original guitar tracks which were recorded "live" on one track from start to finish in each song. This time I can stop and re-do parts, layer, pan, add effects, etc. And hopefully my guitar-playing ability has improved a bit since 1998. And my equipment has been upgraded a bit.

I've been exploring my old computer files and disks, and realized I have accumulated enough music for at least six albums that I never committed to recording final versions. I will begin "raiding the vaults" for as much material as I can, and try to bring some of these old albums to life. I think some of this music really deserves to be properly recorded and released. I think my album,
Gothambia Redux really came out good, far better than it's original incarnation, so perhaps it is time I gave some of my old and unreleased music the "George Lucas" treatment.

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