Debut Gig at The Lucky Dog!!

Yup, our debut gig is June 17th, 9:00pm at the famed Lucky Dog Music Hall (formerly sir Morgan's Cove) in Worcester MA. The Rolling Stones played there in 1981. Yeah, the Rolling-freakin'-Stones!

Anybody into Motorhead, Clutch, Foo Fighters, Entombed, Sex Pistols, and any insane combination of all of the above should get themselves down there. We're hoping anybody with a decent video cam will record us and post it at the YouTube, or Vimeo, or any of those online video services.

We also have a Facebook page started up, so hop on over and LIKE us.

Scroll down a bit, or just click HERE, DUDE for our online demo (also posted directly at Soundcloud).

For the uninitiated, Deadside Manor is:
Dan "the Man" Flynn - Vocals
Clint Mitchell - Bass
James Jones - Drums
Dave Lanciani - Guitar

Please c'mon by for the debut gig. There's only one debut gig ever for any band, and this is ours!

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