2nd Gig - polar opposite, and yet not really...

2nd gig accomplished.

Same result, but different journey along the way.

Instead of opening for an alterna-pop band and a cover band, we opened for three metal-core bands. And these guys were intense. Very talented musicians, completely "damaged" vocalists, blast-beats, sweep-picking/shredding, 8-string guitars, and so on.

As They Looked To the Sky (8string guitarists, no bass needed)
Destroy the Legacy (completely whacked-out vocalist, damn!)
Amnaeon (all under 21 years old - a girl guitarist - GO JUSTINE!!)

Boy do I feel old.

But the sound was much better - I could actually hear myself without turning my up to eleven, and I think we played pretty well. Lights were cool. Awesome size stage (though the drum-riser is really un-necessary). We stayed pretty tight, a few flubs here or there, but not really noticeable to anyone but us. And the other bands were appreciative and supportive (and we did the same, staying until the end of the last bands set).

The club (Whiskey Alley, in Fitchburg MA) was pretty much empty, except for my wife, son, brother, two friends of the bassist, a few other band girlfriends, and ... well, the other bands. I'm sure the club owner was pissed, but I still had a great time. Not many metal shows in the local areas featuring bands with that kind of "intensity" and dedication.

We may have another gig on October, this time with local legends Musclecah (our drummer is their drummer - we are wicked lucky to have him.) More updates at a later date.

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