E-Crisis-1 Guitars almost done!

Finally managed to get most of the guitars done for this Dimaension X project - it's been sitting there waiting for me since early May, when I started my new job (so yeah, I've been a bit busy), but now it is "mostly" done. I've got one song left to do, kind of a bonus track that I already recorded and posted at Soundcloud under the name "Darkrisis-1", but without any guitars. I will add some heavy, abstract guitars to this mix, and add it to the E-Crisis-1 project.

It sounds a bit different than the other tracks on this album, but it might be a good lead into the next project, whatever it may be.

I'm really rusty as far as "lead" playing goes. I've mainly been concentrating on rhythm playing with my band, and haven't played any extended solo improvisations in a LONG TIME. Plus my left arm has a bit of tendinitis. And my left hand fingers seem to be developing some arthritis. My dad just calls these symptoms of a common condition known as "T.F.O."

Too F#%kin' Old

Yup. My dad. A sayer of truth if there ever was one.

So ... hopefully I will be posting the new album at The Internet Archive soon. I'll let y'all know when it happens. Oh, the anticipation.

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