Merry (Dimaension-)Xmas!! More music!!!

Yep - more music - I dug into the vaults and found some unreleased tunes that I recorded a few years ago (whilst in a very Metal mood!) and decided everybody behaved themselves very well this year and deserved another extra present from yours truly. More free music!!

This is a short EP, called "fUTUREGRIND", featuring my Schecter Omen 6 while it still had the stock pickups and using an Open C/D tuning (C,G,C,G,C,D). I was also testing my Behringer X1204 mixer, so the last few songs are recorded with that and my old Tech 21 Original Sansamp instead of my usual PODXT Live.

And yeah, I realized after I did the cover that it does look a lot like Jeff Loomis's solo album cover. Sorry, Jeff. But I really don't think anyone will mistake my album for yours.

Here's the link to The Internet Archive page, and the DIRECT DOWNLOAD link.

This stuff is very metal. So have a Very Metal Xmas and a Blastingly Loud New Year!!

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