Working on New Music for 2012

Hey! I'm unemployed again! Oh boy! Well, I'm not too happy about that, but in between updating my resume, cover letters, and online job-searching, I AM working on some new music.

Been in a very spacey, synthy mood lately, so my new stuff is very "electronic". I'm trying to imagine Tangerine Dream more as a heavy rock band than new agey. More space-rock-metal. Sort of. Loud, eerie synths and sounds create a dark atmosphere, deep reverby drums pounding out rock rhythms, and distorto guitars blasting alongside.

The guitars will have less of a role in this album. Much more accompanying the big synth sounds than taking the lead. There may be some solos, but maybe not. Depends on my mood as time goes on. I have a lot of ideas in mind, so this may be a long album, or a double CD. Headphones will definitely be recommended for the full stereo spectrum of all the weird synth sounds.

I have most of the synths recorded , ... now to work on the guitars, and maybe add some live bass. More updates later.

Update - here's a preview!!

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