Deadside Manor Videos

The gig at the Lucky Dog Music Hall went pretty well.

Yeah, there were only about 15 people there, but they really seemed to like what we did. We also got a buddy there to video record the whole show, and we're getting the vidz up one at a time on Facebook, and on our webpage.

here's the link the the Video page:

Deadide Manor Live Video

The sound isn't all that great, but it was done with a FlipCam. Whadaya expect? A Spielberg production?


Deadside Manor Website up (sort of)

The Deadside Manor website is up and running (sort of). At least I think it is. Try the link and see. It seems to work for me, but when I try to add it at the band's Facebook page, it just doesn't seem to want to apply.

Deadside Manor Website


Well, try it out.

Oh, and the Deadside Manor email address is:



Email us for booking info, etc.


Debut Gig at The Lucky Dog!!

Yup, our debut gig is June 17th, 9:00pm at the famed Lucky Dog Music Hall (formerly sir Morgan's Cove) in Worcester MA. The Rolling Stones played there in 1981. Yeah, the Rolling-freakin'-Stones!

Anybody into Motorhead, Clutch, Foo Fighters, Entombed, Sex Pistols, and any insane combination of all of the above should get themselves down there. We're hoping anybody with a decent video cam will record us and post it at the YouTube, or Vimeo, or any of those online video services.

We also have a Facebook page started up, so hop on over and LIKE us.

Scroll down a bit, or just click HERE, DUDE for our online demo (also posted directly at Soundcloud).

For the uninitiated, Deadside Manor is:
Dan "the Man" Flynn - Vocals
Clint Mitchell - Bass
James Jones - Drums
Dave Lanciani - Guitar

Please c'mon by for the debut gig. There's only one debut gig ever for any band, and this is ours!