Soon ... very soon ...

Getting closer and closer to releasing the new Dimaension X album, entitled "7734". Definitely gotta warn yah, though, the guitars REALLY take a backseat and let the synths do most of the work. There are a few guitar solos, but I really didn't want to over do it. Maybe next album.

This one, though, is very much focused on ambient space rock. Imagine Tangerine Dream and Zombi jamming with Phrozenlight. Mainly lots of ambient and spacey atmospheres, with added drums and very simple rhythm guitars, just to add the "rock" to it. And when I say simple, I mean
Glenn Branca/Rhys Chatham simple. No wacked out riffery. But yeah, two or three songs do have the "patented Dimaension X" guitar solo, but that's it. Those of you metal-heads may not like it, but give it a try. It'll be free anyway. And you may end up liking it. Here's the first track below.

See, not so bad, huh? OH! And it's going to be on the LONG side - about an hour and a half, so it's a 2 CD album deal. Yep, it won't fit on one CD, so I'll divide it into TWO discs.

My next album might be altogether different, inspired by an internet band/buddy of mine named Skull Incision. His online EP/album, "Endoparasit" was created in TWO DAYS. Almost pure spontaneous composition/recording. It is very short, but very cool. If you're a crazed grindcore fan, download it (click on the title above) and check it out.

Soon, ... very soon ...

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