Drone2012 - the new album

Drone2012 - the new album by Dimaension X is uploaded and ready for download at The Internet Archive.

Four long "songs".  


An experiment in drone-doom-noise.  I'm mainly toying with feedback, delays and other effects in real-time.  For a lot of this I just propped my guitar up in front of the amp and let it do the work.

There are some "riffs" and chords and some rhythms here and there.  This isn't a SUNN O))) album.  It's Dimaension X.  Though I really didn't play any "solos".  Next album.  This is experimental and improvisational.  Noisy.  Droney.

The final "song" is a "cover-tune" of sorts, but obviously severely modified.  Anyone care to venture a guess?

All recorded with my guitar tuned to D,A,D,A,D,E.  Loud amp.  Loud.

Bass, too.  (D,A,D,G) Through the guitar fx and amp.  Loud.

It may be good for your Halloween party.  Maybe.

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