SUNset TZUnami - "the blackest gift"

Here's another post promoting bands I'm finding online with music you can download for FREE - the band is called SUNset TZUnami, and they play a weird combination of droney doom (or doomy drone?) with some goth-rock and stoner-metal influences thrown in, plus some odd orchestral instruments in weird intros.

And ... get this ... their "secret bonus track" has lyrics from Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs & Ham" - not that you could actually understand them, but I think that's kind of a neat idea.  I'm still waiting for a legitimate death metal band to do a cover of "C is for Cookie", but I haven't heard it yet.

The vocals are pretty obviously "pitch-shifted", but it doesn't detract from the music.  It actually adds to the odd-weirdness.  I like some of their riffs, and they dive into some headbangin' grooves.

They also feature a girl drummer.  Another oddity in the metal realm, especially in the more extreme metal genre.

So here's the link to their website:

Their discography page has a link to stream the songs and you can download the album for free.  No registrations, mailing lists, etc.  Pretty cool.

and here's a more direct link to the download page for their album, "the blackest gift" at the Internet Archive:

This music is very fitting for your Halloween Party this year.  Play it loud.

More bands to be featured soon.


Ramzes XIII said...

It sounds very similar to Moroghor albums, the guitar especially, and the overall dark mood... Dave L., is this your another project? :)

Dimaension X said...

Let's just say I provided assistance in recording their album. They heard that I recorded Kingsley Amiss's debut EP (at Deadside Manor Studio with my friend and former bandmate Clint Mitchell), so they wanted me to help them with their album. They've also heard Moroghor and Burn Without Me, so I kind of influenced their sound. (along with letting them use some of my guitars and gear).

Dimaension X said...

Okay, yeah, it's really me. Surprise.