D A D A E Tuning - a bit more variety?

Been fiddling with D A D A D, and I like it, but I do find that playing major and minor chords is difficult to do. Therefore, I might consider tuning the highest D up to E, revising this All-5ths tuning into a suspended 2nd tuning (similar to my D A D A D E).  It is now easy to make major and minor chords, by adding the note on the highest string, either up 1 or two frets from the "fully-barred" notes, but then you lose the full big power chord on all 5 strings (since the 5th string is now a different note).

Hmmmm, … gotta actually try playing with this to see what it sounds like.  

I also just ordered a few new pedals - a Joyo Ultimate Drive, a Joyo US Dream, and a Joyo Vintage Overdrive.  I'm just not quite as happy with the Behringer TM300 as I thought I would be.  It is most definitely a very accurate clone of the Sansamp GT2, but as with the GT2 and the original Classic Sansamp pedals, they just lack that nice crisp high-end "sparkle".  Their sound really seems to focus on the Mid-Range, and seems to tone down the crisp, trebly highs. Just not quite what I was looking for, but for $25 bucks, the TM300 is a perfectly adequate pedal if you don't want to fork over $150 for an actual Sansamp pedal.

The Joyo pedals are Chinese knock-offs of more famous and more expensive pedals.  The Vintage Drive is basically an Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer, the US Dream is a copy of the Suhr Riot high gain pedal, and the Ultimate Drive is a clone of the Fulltone OCD overdrive pedal. I've read generally good reviews of these pedal, especially considering the prices (each was just over $30, compared the the price of the "name-brand" pedals which are no less that $150 each, at least!)

In fact, Gearmanndude (look him up!) has compared the US Dream directly to the Suhr Riot pedal in his video reviews on YouTube, and the two pedals sound nearly identical to me. 

I'm really looking forward to getting these new toys.  Three new pedals still cost less than ONE of the name-brands.  Plus, I just need something new to hopefully inspire me to creat some new music.  Soon, folks. Hopefully, very soon.

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Dimaension X said...

Got the Ultimate Drive and US Dream yesterday, but only had a few minutes to fiddle with them. Both are surprisingly "thickerer" sounding that I expected. The real test will be running them through my POD XTLive to my laptop and recording.