Here's the first Joyo audio samples

Well, here is the first sample recorded with my Joyo Pedals (Ultimate Drive, US Dream)
and my 5-string Schecter, tuned to D A D A D.

I went from the pedals directly to my POD XTLive, using the simulation of the Hiwatt 100 (set clean), and very little reverb.

The first part ("Kasmir") is all done with the Joyo Ultimate Drive pedal. (settings were Drive at about 9:30, Tone at about 2:00, Volume about 11:00). The next part (the song is "Losing Control" by my former band, Deadside Manor) is two guitar tracks of the Joyo US Dream (drive/Gain at about 1:00, Tone at 2:00, Volume at 12:00), and two guitar tracks of the Ultimate Drive (Gain at 11:30, Tone 3:00, Volume 11:00).

Bass also went through the Ultimate Drive, at the "Kashmir" settings, but maybe just a bit less Gain).

Drums are Big Mono Drums (Analogue Drum Samples).

All recorded in Reaper.

There is a bit of Phasing on the guitars in Kashmir (that's my Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser, a clone of the Electro-Harmonix Small Stone. I have it before the drive pedals, not after).  That's about it.

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