New music, and an album for sale!

I've really got a jump an a few new music projects (finally!).  The first is my "12-tone"-based project: I have about 30 or so minutes of music so far.  I plan on adding a few more tracks, then it's time to mix it all together and release. Tentatively titled, "Improvisario."

I also got a start on another project that started out inspired by the heavy doses of Godflesh that I've been listening to.  I managed to find some samples of the classis Alesis HR-16 drum machine (which is what Justin Broadrick used on the early Godflesh albums), so I programmed some very "mechanical" and heavy industrial-sounding beats and came up with some harsh, repetitive guitar riffs (and some other odd synth sections, solos, etc.), and voila, new music.  I also used some sound samples from "number station" broadcasts (look it up on the Internets), which add a really creepy and robotic atmosphere to the whole project. I've got about 50 minutes completed, so I think that's an albums's worth.  I just need to start some art for the two new albums, and I'll post them at the Internet Archive.

I also got some news that a "secret" project that has been in development since 2007 is finally going to see light!   In collaboration with comic illustrator and innovator Matt Howarth, there is a Dimaension X album for sale! I did the music and Matt wrote and illustrated a comic to go with it. Here is the writeup at his website:

A fierce music/comics collaboration by DIMAENSION X and MATT HOWARTH.
Howarth offers a twisted tale of a time traveler who visits the future to find the Earth has become a desolate wasteland, but the survivors confuse him with conflicting tales of what kind of holocaust destroyed human civilization. Dimaension X offers an hour-long intense soundtrack of industrial heavy metal music full of searing guitars and haunting electronics.

Click HERE to get there!

(PSSSSST!   The link is:   http://www.bugtownmall.com/New_Matt_Howarth_Stuff.htm )

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