Voila! Two albums for your listening displeasure!

Ta daa!

Excited?  Yeah, not so much, but just in case you actually are, here are the two new Dimaension X albums! Go to the Discography page!  Right now!  Nah, wait a minnit.  Why dontcha read about 'em first.
The first is Improvisario.  This one is really unusual, but then again, if you've listened to either of the Burn Without Me albums, or my Bryson's Universe album, it has similar origins.This is the first original project by Dimaension X in quite a long time.  This one is a bit interesting - I took a 12-tone Row Matrix, further scrambled those notes (by starting in the middle and going out in a spiral pattern), then limited myself to improvising a short piece of music (between 20-30 seconds) in the key of that note (major or minor), and then would splice them together into longer songs afterwards. And nearly every note was played on my new Agile AL-3010.

I really just wanted to let go and play whatever came to mind when I was creating these short snippets.  Not a lot of thought went into it - just, "okay, key of Ab.  Here's the scale.  Ahhh, Marshall-y tone? OK, go!" That's it.  Plus I really wanted to get some cool clean tones with the Vintage-wound Alnico V-style pickups in the Agile Les Paul-copy. And I did some tapping. Yup, tapping is not something I tend to do a lot of, but I wanted to just do some really "out-there" sounding riffs.

The second is Industrialisimo what happens when you dose yourself with just a bit too much Godflesh? And you manage to find some nice Alesis HR-16 Drum Samples (which is what Justin K. Broadrick used on most of the early Godflesh albums).  Yep - this is what happens.  I wanted to create some "industrial-metal", but within the context of Dimaension X.  I don't think it actually turned out to be a stereo-typical "industrial" music album, but rather a Dimaension X interpretation of what I think industrial music is.  Sort of. 

There's some ambient synth atmospheres, odd effects, ... AND a big element you will immediately hear are some very creepy samples repeating odd numbers over and over for no reason whatsoever. I thought these samples just fit the atmosphere, so I used them in everything. They really contribute to giving an "off-kilter" feel to the album.

So there you go.  Each is about an hour long.  Go on over the the Discography page links and either go the the Internet Archive page to stream/listen to them, or download directly.  I hope you enjoy,

Now onto other news.  I've recently gone from doing very little musically to diving into a whole bunch of projects simultaneously.  As noted below, I'm working with my old bandmate Clint from Deadside Manor and the singer from The Great Escape ( a fantastic Journey Tribute band).  We've thrown some ideas around for some original tunes that Jason has begun writing, so Clint and I will do the recording and adding our instruments.  Should be interesting.

AND ... here's some other neat related news ... another former Deadside Manor member, singer Dan Flynn has been visiting Clint and also wants to do some new songs.  Back when the band was first breaking up, I had given Danny some new material I was working on, and he wanted to add some vocals, but we just never got around to it.  Which is what we're going to do now.  The songs are in the heavy-rock-almost-but-not-quite-metal genre, nice big heavy drums, crunchy guitars, etc,. that should go with his voice quite well.

So, yeah, I've been busy all of a sudden.  Looks like it's going to be a fun summer. 

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