Plagues of Aegyptus on YouTube

That's right folks, I've completed my first video project by making some very simple videos to all the songs on my album, "Plagues of Aegyptus" and posted them on YouTube.

Here's the link:
Plagues of Aegyptus on YouTube!!

No, I did not make "music videos" where I'm jumping around with my guitar and lip-syncing and air-guitaring with the music.  I just found a bunch of weird pictures through Google Images that I thought appropriately fit the songs and used Windows Movie Maker to add them to the music. Voila.

Please note that I do not take any credit of ownership to any of the pictures used.  Big disclaimer there. I do not want to cause any copyright infringement issues. I just thought that these pix really represent the music content well.

I think this project translates into video very well, mainly due to the conceptual content. Not all of my music does that. But I might try adding more videos to Dimaension X music. Not I can assault your eyes as well as your ears.

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