Burn Without Me website deleted

Yes, I decided to delete the Burn Without Me band website.  I'm trying to reduce my "internet footprint" a bit by getting rid of my various unnecessary email accounts, websites, etc. I have a link to the new page here on my blog that has links to the albums, so Burn Without Me hasn't disappeared completely.  Just scroll down to the "Linx to my Allies" and hit the Burn Without Me link, and it'll get you there.


I'm probably going to do the same thing for my Moroghor albums soon, just to simplify things.  I might also revise my discography by putting each album on it's own separate page.

BTW, people seem to be listening to my new album, "Plagues of Aegyptus" and liking it so far. And don't forget, you can also stream videos on YouTube!

Time to start thinking of a new project. I have some ideas in mind, similar to the last 5 songs in "Plagues ..." - a bit faster, but also with some "text-to-speech" vocal bits, weird samples, ambient creepy backgrounds, etc.

That's all for now, folks!

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