Dimaex5001, the final album for 2017

This is it, kids, the final stop for 2017.  Dimaex5001, the sequel to Dimaex5000.  A bit more of the same, but with some new stuff happening.  Number one, there's a bit more of a rock vibe happening, with the guitars being pushed out front again. Not a lot of solos, but lots of melodic riffing and atmospheres.  

I also incorporated a new pedal into my pedalboard, and really used it a lot.  It's the new Digitech FreQout pedal, which is a "feedback" generator, and it's really cool.  I always like using guitar feedback, but it's really tough to get without cranking the volume up to eleven, and this pedal soves that problem.  You can probably hear it in my sustained notes and chords all over the place in this album.  I just couldn't help myself, it's just so cool to use once you get the hang of it, and I was able to get lots of feedback sounds at very low volume in my home studio.

The song titles, Song titles, images, and inspiration based on John Harper's RPG, Ghost Lines, available at One Seven Design Games. www.onesevendesign.com.

I also used a new VST synth called, Horror Box, a free download VSTi that generates some interesting and atmospheric background noise

Stream audio and download options available below: www.archive.org/details/dimaex5001 Download the whole album with album art

1 - On the Ghost Lines
2 - Imperium 891

3 - A Spirit Well in the Dethlands
4 - Spectrology
5 - Church of Ecstasy
6 - Violet Remedy
7 - Song of the Line Bulls

8 - Dimaex5001 

Composed and performed by Dimaension X.
Recorded and produced by Dave Lanciani at Dimaex Studios

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