The Ghost of Gawain - a new project from Exempt Human Specimen

 Greetings all,
I have a new idea for a project, and it's starting off with inspiration from using a free VST called Alter/Ego from Plogue Music Software developers.

Alter/Ego if a free vst that simulates speech and singing.  The original version only ad a female voice that was very robotic sounding, but now they're released a voice that simulates death growls and black metal vocals, along with a few different singing voices.  This one is called Marie Ork, and I used it to do the vocals in the new song.

In fact, the current version of the song is made completely with VST instruments.  There are no real guitars, basses, keyboards, drums or vocals.  It's all created in the computer.

I do plan to record actual guitar for the final versions of the songs, but everything else will be computer generated.  For now, using the VST instruments allows me to arrange the songs and get them basically ready to go, and then I'll add the actual guitars to add the "human" element.  But it is really amazing what you can do on a computer now, isn't it?

See below the the video demo of the song.  Thanks for listening.

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