Dimaex5002 is being uploaded as I type.

The latest in the "5000" series, Dimaension X pumps out more heavy grooves with ripping bass, percolating synthezisers and melodic guitars.  Spacey, atmospheric electronic rock.

1.  Celestial Bloodthirst
2.  The Emperor's Exhalted Curse
3.  Executioner Raid
4.  The Mentor and the Miner
5.  Prototype Providence
6.  The Traitor's Stature
7.  Devil Doomed With Happiness
8.  Flaming Blade
9.  The Godess' Dishonour
10. Unknown Arctic Codex

Streaming and Download options available HERE!

Download a full zip folder of the MP3's and art files HERE!

Streaming at YouTube:

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