Latest Ego Boost

Well, here's the latest boost to my ever-dwindling ego. The latest tallys of downloads of my albums from The Internet Archive are as follows:

As of March 1, 2008:
Bryson’s Universe - 1,980
Aetherial Art of Decay - 1,447
Leprosia Doom - 1,311
I Am Become Daevel - 925
Dimaensia Nexus - Improvisations for the Ancient Ones - 543
End of an Era - 505
Loco-Motives - 270
Deus Fetor, pt2 - 208

Why keep track and torture you readers with this meaningless info? Ah, who knows? I like to see that people actually like my music. It makes me feel good. That's it. Ego Boost.

Does it mean I'm actually a decent musician? Well, we all know that Paris Hilton and William Hung (did you know he was actually offered a $25,000 advance for his album??) will always sell thousands of albums to the mindless drones, so numbers don't really matter. I just hope my music has entertained someone. That's all. If you enjoyed my music enough to download and burn to a disc or portable player, then I sincerely thank you.

Hey, it's FREE, right?

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