Some Studio work at MWCC

Hey folks,
I recently helped out an Audio Production Class at the local Community College (taught by local studio owner John Little - Upside-Sound Studio) by playing guitar and having them mike and record my amp. Then they take what they recorded and will mix it, compress/EQ, etc. as their assignment. They also recorded some bass playing via Direct Injection.
I realized just how little I actually know about "real" recording, mike placement, patch bays, etc. These kids really know what their doing, due to their teacher's encylopedic knowledge. I had a lot of fun, and probably learned something.

Check out my MASSIVE Super High-Wattage Metal amp! (a Peavey Rage 158) being attacked by a rabid family of microphones
and here I am in the control room with my P-Bass demonstrating Direct Injection

Very cool stuff! Thanks to the students at MWCC and to their instructor, John Little.

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