Going under the knife...

No this is not the title of my new suicidal black metal project...

I have finally scheduled my cyst-removal surgery for January 30th. Oh boy. So not looking forward to it (I'm a big baby with needles, I.V.'s, etc.), but I do want to get this cyst removed. It really does effect my guitar playing, among other things. It's just a serious throbbing sensation constantly in my wrist (imagine having a small ball bearing under your skin right where your thumb meets your wrist). It's just THERE all the time.

Well, I do want to try to work on my Doom2 Variations recording, if at all, before the surgery. After the surgery, I'll be wearing a wrist brace for two months and won't be allowed to used my left hand for anything strenuous, so no guitar, no push-ups, no weight-lifting, etc.

Most likely, I won't be able to finish much of my recording, and it may be crappy anyway.

I think maybe this project was never meant to be. Here's my reasoning:

Number 1 - It's called "Doom", so it's probably doomed from the start.

Number 2 - my new guitar that I bought is a Schecter "Omen". How's that for a "bad omen?"

Number 3 - It's not just a few covers, it's a complete album of someone else's music. Well known music.

Number 4 - a few of my Internet buddies (and myself) have announced that I will be doing this music, so it may be jinxed.

I think I'm just being paranoid. Let's face it - crap happens. To everyone. And it could be worse.

I am just a big baby when it comes to medical stuff, so it's not as bad as it seems.

Well, just thought I'd spout off a bit. Let's see what I get done this weekend, if anything.

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