Drone2012 - the new album

Drone2012 - the new album by Dimaension X is uploaded and ready for download at The Internet Archive.

Four long "songs".  


An experiment in drone-doom-noise.  I'm mainly toying with feedback, delays and other effects in real-time.  For a lot of this I just propped my guitar up in front of the amp and let it do the work.

There are some "riffs" and chords and some rhythms here and there.  This isn't a SUNN O))) album.  It's Dimaension X.  Though I really didn't play any "solos".  Next album.  This is experimental and improvisational.  Noisy.  Droney.

The final "song" is a "cover-tune" of sorts, but obviously severely modified.  Anyone care to venture a guess?

All recorded with my guitar tuned to D,A,D,A,D,E.  Loud amp.  Loud.

Bass, too.  (D,A,D,G) Through the guitar fx and amp.  Loud.

It may be good for your Halloween party.  Maybe.


New music soon!!!

New music soon ... here's what I've got posted at Soundcloud.  The final versions, plus another whole song will be added when the album is release.

Here's the link:

Soon ... yes, soon ...


SUNset TZUnami - "the blackest gift"

Here's another post promoting bands I'm finding online with music you can download for FREE - the band is called SUNset TZUnami, and they play a weird combination of droney doom (or doomy drone?) with some goth-rock and stoner-metal influences thrown in, plus some odd orchestral instruments in weird intros.

And ... get this ... their "secret bonus track" has lyrics from Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs & Ham" - not that you could actually understand them, but I think that's kind of a neat idea.  I'm still waiting for a legitimate death metal band to do a cover of "C is for Cookie", but I haven't heard it yet.

The vocals are pretty obviously "pitch-shifted", but it doesn't detract from the music.  It actually adds to the odd-weirdness.  I like some of their riffs, and they dive into some headbangin' grooves.

They also feature a girl drummer.  Another oddity in the metal realm, especially in the more extreme metal genre.

So here's the link to their website:

Their discography page has a link to stream the songs and you can download the album for free.  No registrations, mailing lists, etc.  Pretty cool.

and here's a more direct link to the download page for their album, "the blackest gift" at the Internet Archive:

This music is very fitting for your Halloween Party this year.  Play it loud.

More bands to be featured soon.


Black Spring Monolith (and more...)

Howdy folks, ...

I decided to do some promoting for some neat music I've discovered online that is mostly available for FREE DOWNLOADS!  Yeah!  Apparently I'm not the only nutcase who gives it away for nothing.

The band is called Black Spring Monolith, and most of their music is available for free download at the Cosmic Gates Records Bandcamp page:


I'm not even sure how to properly describe their music.  Industrial-drone-doom-metal?  Lot's of fuzzed out guitars playing simple repetitive riffs over simple drums and heavy synth-drone atmospheres.

There's also a bunch of other albums from other bands posted on this page.  I haven't had the chance to listen to all of them, but most are in the same genre.  Heavy, sludgy, kinda industrial.  A bit of fizzy noise, some odd samples here and there.  If you're into experimental industrial sludge, these bands are for you.  I mostly recommend Black Spring Monolith, but there's a lot to choose from.

I'll be posting more recommendations here and there, while I'm figuring out what my next musical project will be.  I'll be working on some new stuff soon, once I'm ready.