The Dimaex Principae - the Mythology of Dimaension X

Well, my twisted, yet hopefully somewhat creative mind has been coming up with a "history" of Dimaension X - a "mythology", if you will, to have a storyline behind the music, the musician, and the universe. It may be a little convoluted, being a first draft I wrote during lunch at work, so forgive my own discrepancies and plot holes.

Here goes, ...

07/31/08 - The Dimaex Principae

Dimaension X, an alternate universe, or "dimaensional alter-reality quantum anti-phase" ruled by The Supreme Lord Daevel. Leprosia is the main planetary body, the "capital" center of the universe, in which there are 3 suns, each with 3 planets. The other 2 main planets are Necropoli and Thanatos.

The Dimaex Principae is the secret theory developed by the Supreme Magicks Council of Leprosia that Dimaension X is in reality an "alternate" dimension of the "true existing dimension of reality"; a parallel universe of the true plane of existence (called "The 1st Plane" and sometimes "Bryson's Universe") where only one planetary body (mysteriously called "Iirth") in the main solar system of nine planets actually supports life.

Iirth is said the be the original planet where all human life began, and was altered when a series of theories concerning alternate planes of existence were put into practice, causing a "rip in the very fabric of existence, space and time", creating an alternate plane - "Dimaension X".

The residents "created" in this plane were basically "copies" of those from the "1st Plane", snapping immediately into existence with no knowledge of who or what they were - causing immediate and absolute chaos on a planetary scale - war broke out - most of civilization immediately fell and was destroyed - 85% of the population was killed, or died of disease, starvation, or other various reasons.

Only a small group of people retained memory of the 1st Plane, mainly the scientists involved in the Primary Application of the Dimaex Principle - the lead physicist, Dr. Iam Bekum Daevel assuming the role of self-appointed leader, eventually becoming a tyrannical dictator - the rest of the scientists either became his fanatical followers or were hunted down and assassinated. Daevel, being brilliant, but somewhat eccentric and egotistical, also found that by applying further theories of his Dimaex Principae, that reality could in fact be further altered to his whim. He utilized this knowledge to create his new identity; that of a Master of Black Wizardry (which only he and his followers understand that there is no real "magick" - just the application of scientific principles and the laws of physics, which in this plane of existence are very different than that of the universe containing Iirth).

Daevel has strictly enforced rules regarding education and science to a very small segment of the population, who are loyal to him and his ideals. Certain levels of technology above that of the "Bronze Age" equivalent are forbidden. However, Lord Daevel has continued his own forbidden research of The Further Theoretical Analyses of the Dimaex Principae, causing the two alternate dimensions to begin to "bleed" into one another - bringing "copies" of the people into each other's realities, ... becoming extremely confusing when one of these people might already be deceased in the other plane. This phenomena has become known as the Necropolisean Duplex.

A select group of rebels, members of the original Scientific Council of Iirth who were not assassinated, managed to found their own secret society dedicated to the downfall of Lord Daevel, and the Supreme Magicks Council of Leprosia.

More ideas to be added later, ... hopefully this kind of "fleshes out" some of the concepts behind some of my music.

Dimaension X (or perhaps I Am Become Daevel, Himself??)

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