More is new, less is better, huh? - and ... Pentemple!!

Well, I got bored with the "1st iZ lazt" project - I'll get back to it very soon, - actually, I just hate playing guitar in hot weather - it's been 90+ and humid.

Started fiddling with programming some more ambient ideas again after listening to Sunn O))) "Presents ... Pentemple Live" - a beast of a live improvised recording from the Sunn O))) boys (Stephen O'Malley Gred Anderson, with Oren Ambarchi) with the insane Attila Csihar on vokillz once again, and this time around, Sin Nanna (of Australian solo lo-fi black metal project Striborg) on drums and vocals.

Similar to "The Black One" and "Altar", we've got incredibly loud sustaining down-tuned guitars, and bass just basically holding one chord and feeding back for about 40 minutes, Attila and Sin doing eerie chants and indecipherable screeches, and Sin providing some improvised blast-beats and other various drumming that may or may not have any particular tempo at any given time. Imagine Darkthrone jamming with Last Exit on LSD wearing Monks robes. But louder. A lot louder.

Actually, if you liked "The Black One", you may like this even better. A real amalgamation of drone-doom, free improvisation and black metal.

Which is why I started working on a new, kind of experimental project. Going back to my Leprosia Doom idea, but slowing it down, make it more repetitive and even darker (sometimes not, though). Simple blast-beats under droning, repetitive synths and sustaining guitars is the theme. Maybe. I got seven songs basically laid out with synths and drums. That's all I want. The rest will be live guitars and bass added afterward. This is really almost a combination of "Leprosia Doom" and "Aetherial Art of Decay". A return to improvisation and experimentation.

I will probably also do some separate orchestral snippets to use as segues between the drones, like "AAOD". Maybe some guitar solos, too.

Who knows. I may go back and make it "noisier". Some of the synth parts might even be too "melodic". We shall see, ...

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The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

Thanks for stumbling upon my Striborg post. Bet that was an amazing show. O'Malley's a genius.

For whatever reason, I'm a really big fan of those lo-fi, solo, third wave (?) black metal projects. Xasthur, Leviathan. Striborg, too, for all the questionable production values. Something about the purity is ...charming, I guess.