The Wonders of Embedding

Saluti! (that's Italian for "Howdy Pardner!)

I have now added a flash player to my blog which will play one of my albums directly from the Dimaension X Internet Archive Collection.

Oh, you are so lucky...

I invite you all to go to that page whenever you wish (see the links below, or click on the hyperlink above, you rascally HTML freaks!) and listen, download, burn, rip, whatever you desire. My music is all FREE and protected under Creative Commons license (which means you can download, and distribute/re-post it as you wish, as long as you don't sell it or alter it from its original form). Please help yourselves, burn it to a disk, I-Pod, I-Phone, or whatever other I-Devices you have.

Have fun, enjoy, and be enthralled. (yeah, right.)

But sincerely, I thank all of you who do listen to and appreciate my music. Feel free to leave a comment or message me through Myspace (yes, I do have a page at the Evil Empire of Myspace).

Dimaension X

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