Updating the blog...

Over the next few days or so (or hours or however it works out), I am going to be updating the general "feel" of the blog. Sort of. Visually, it will remain the same, but I will have links in the sidebar that will act more like a website, ... i.e., links for Latest News (which will be the latest post), a link for my Gear, a Biography, Discography (which will also act as direct inks to the downloads of the albums at the Internet Archive), and maybe a few more things as I come up with new ideas.

I think I came up with a way to do this, so we'll test it and see if it works. If it does, then I think I'm inventing a new way to create a cheap website (or maybe someone else has come up with the idea, anyway)

Here's hoping this actually works, since I really only have a little experience with websites (I took a course in how to use Dreamweaver).

See you!

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