The New Newer Album

Today I finally got started on setting up the final backing tracks for the new New album. Yes, the newer new album. I think I referred to it with a working title of "First iz Last", or something like that.

I rendered out the MIDI tracks to audio, and imported them into Reaper, each with an appropriate click track. Looks like nine original songs (with a surprise snippet here and there of a more familiar song), and one "sort of" cover tune; just the solo section from Zappa's "Eat That Question". Oh, I forgot, ... there is one cover tune that you should recognize, actually a combination of two TV themes, plus some original music tying the two together.

I wanted to note once again that this one has the more symphonic and orchestral style pushed up front a bit, and my guitars will be more of an accompaniment than the focus. Certain sections will feature more guitars, but all in all, I think this will be a pretty good sequel to "I Am Become Daevel".

After this, I'm not sure what's next. Maybe more minimal drone-doom, maybe a focus on improvised guitar solos, maybe a purely symphonic album with no guitars, maybe some jazz-fusion??

Let me know what you think!!

I had one more song which I may still try to work out, but I'm having difficulty with some of the guitar arrangements. The parts are just a bit too tricky for me to actually play, and the synth parts alone just don't sound right. I may just leave this one out, or do a lot of re-arranging so I can actually play the song.

The unfinished backing tracks actually sound pretty good on their own. Hopefully my guitars won't screw it all up.

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