Doom 2 Soundtrack ALMOST DONE!!

I am in the midst of listening to my mixes for the album - and I'm almost there! Yup, just about done with this project, and I will begin uploading the music as soon as I can. I am doing the art for the CD cover, and saving it out to uploadable formats. I also have to prepare my basic write-up for the Internet Archive information/notes sections.

I'm kind of psyched about how this is actually going to come out. I think it sounds really good so far. I took some liberties with some of the basic themes, added guitar solos over the static, repetitive sections, revised some of the drums, did some weird guitar effects, and used the "Intermission" as the intro combined with MAP01. I also skipped the actual "Intro" music, mainly because it would no longer all fit on ONE CD. I may go back and add it as a bonus track later, but much later. For now I'm done and tired of this one.

Time to move on to the next project, which is, ... well, I have no clue. But I am done with DOOM stuff for now, and may go back to the stuff I mentioned before, a few posts ago, which is some MUCH older music that I am going to re-create with my better and newer equipment.

I am also helping out my next-door neighbor's band with some recording. They're called the "Screamin' Barfys". Yup, The Screamin' Barfys. Kind of alternative heavy music, Pearl Jam meets Black Flag meets Alice-in-Chains-ish. Interesting stuff. Not my usual style, but it's good to do other things and listen to all kinds of music. When they get some tunes recorded, they'll post them at their Myspace page here.

I also have an interview for a full-time job coming up soon, so let's cross our collective fingers. It'll be nice to get back to a full-time job and paycheck, and get off of unemployment.

So all Doom fans, please check my discography in a few days, either here, or on my Myspace page. ThanX again to you all.

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