Doom 2 Variations Soundtrack

Yup, I'm back to working on this project that I should have completed long ago. But obviously, I've had a few setbacks - wrist surgery, lost my job, and I'm also working with my neighbor who happens to have a band in need of some production help. So I'm going to sit in, listen to what they've got, and try to give them a hand in recording their band, which means real drums and vocals.

But I did begin working on the Doom 2 music again, with my wrist pretty much healed, and I'm trying out my new guitar, the Schecter Omen 6. Which is working out pretty good. The guitar is made for shredding. Very high output stock pickups. The only problem with it is getting good clean and slightly overdriven sounds, which I may go back to my old Yamaha guitar for those.

I am really looking forward to finishing this one off and posting for all to hear. I'll post them online at the Internet Archive as usual, and probably at Last.fm, too. Note that these are NOT my compositions - I give full credit to Mr. Bobby Prince, the original composer of these Video Game Classics.

Please also note that I am adding some extended guitar solos over the more repetitive and simple parts that weren't in the original versions, so that's MY little niche in the arrangements. I also used some better instrument samples that just didn't exist back when the original versions were created, so hopefully these will be nicely updated and modern versions of these songs. That's why I will title this project "The Doom 2 Variations."

Stay tuned. Please. ThanX.

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Anonymous said...

If you need the names of the songs, go to http://www.doom2.net/~doomdepot/music.html and scroll down to "Ultimate Doom & Doom2 MP2s (From Doomworld" as those are the actual song names. -ShadesofIce/Chris