The Doom 2 Variations READY!!

Yup, I said it! Ready for Download. My own versions of the classic Doom 2 video game soundtrack are ready at a whole bunch of links. Take a look in the usual spots like my discography here in the blog, at my Myspace page, my Last.fm page, The Internet Archive, and Soundclick. And I'm also guessing a few folks who like the album may post a few mediafire or rapidshare links, too. Here's one of the mirrored links - (CLICK HERE!)

I think it actually came out pretty good, considering I still think my wrist is still a bit "funky", so some of the guitar solos may not be all that great, but overall, it's a good album to blast in the car. If anyone knows how to add the songs to their own Doom game mods, please do so. That would be kinda cool.

Let's also remember that this is a freebie. I'm not selling or profiting from its distribution whatsoever. I really enjoy this music and wanted to pay proper tribute to the guy who wrote these great songs originally - Bobby Prince. Any real Doom fan knows him and that he's at least partially responsible for the success of Doom. He was also one of the first guys (along with George Sanger) to embed MIDI files as the music in a game.

The cover art is "borrowed" from the original box cover, and modified slightly, so it is still technically ID Software's property. But I am NOT selling anything or profiting or making any money at all. This is a tribute. Dat's all. Hopefully I won't get into any trouble over this. It's not like I'm anyone important anyway. Just a musician and music fan.

Please listen and enjoy, and maybe let me know what you think.



Jamie said...

I wrote this in the Doomworld thread about your music:

They sound pretty epic!

The real guitar tracks really add an edge to the music, and the drum fills work well to add a really rock-n-roll atmosphere and groove. I thought a few were a little off, maybe the lounge songs are a bit too laid back and "loungey" for an action game, and overall they're great! This will definitely go on the iPod and in the car.

My favorites would be MAP10, MAP18, and MAP28 and MAP31, not usually tracks I pay attention to, but these remakes certainly grab me.

Dimaension X said...

The "lounge" songs are pretty much what Bobby Prince originally composed. When he was doing the songs, ID Software wanted it ALL to be Heavy Metal, but he wanted to add some variety.

Believe me, as a true metalhead myself, I thought about making it all metal, but wanted to keep the feel of the original songs.

ThanX for the great comment, and I will check out the Doomworld forum.


hey man thx for the comment!as I stumble upon this piece of music Imust say you are a genius!this is fucking proceless thanks for renewing one of the most evil and dark soundtracks to date you are amazing!how about exchanging links?

Alexo Maravalhas said...

Reborn the Doom II Soundtrack with maturety, virtuosity and organic music! I was thinking how fit this remake inside the game! Man, think the guitar solos in middle shots and runs! Very congratulations! Like so much. Consider yourself invited to remake another game soundtracks!

r13 said...

What the...
You must be some kind of monster. As I've checked on Metal Archives, through mere 6 years of activity you've made 13 friggin albums (and one as Dimaensia Nexus), how's that possible? You must be some kind of musical multi-genre monster making tunes even while sitting on toilet ;)
Currently I'm listening to The Doom 2 Variations, and it sounds great. Some weeks ago I d/led Daevel album and I couldn't got through it. But now I'm gonna listen to all of your albums.
And I just wonder, why you aren't earning fat dollars in music industry?

Wish you all the best and many inspirations,

r13 of R&R NetLabel

yoni0505 said...

even that i really connected to the original soundtrack, i must say that when i've head the first song i was like "wow!", its really refreshing and original!

orion_black said...

This is pure genius, I really enjoy listening to your Variations. Congrats for the great music. I'll surely post this at my blog and recommend it, as I've done with some of your albums.