No News is ... well, no news

Yup, no new leads on any new employment yet. Still looking, still hoping. Still optimistic that I will at least find a decent job with decent pay that will pay the bills. I know I'm not going to make mega-bucks. I just want to find something that I can do and be proud of.

Oh, music. yeah, I'm still healing up a bit, but I should be back to normal pretty soon. The wrist almost feels as good as ever, but it is still a bit sore and itchy where the stitches are still under the skin. They should be fully dissolved by July of this year. But I do plan to work on some new music soon. I have once again dug into my huge back catalog of old ideas that I feel need to be resurrected. My newer direction will definitely be a bit less metal, a bit more rock-fusion, but still kind of "intense". The music is more Miles Davis/Bill Laswell-ish. Very open and atmospheric, slower in tempo, kinda jazzy. Imagine being in one of those smoky 1960's underground clubs in London or New York, waiting for Miles or Monk or Mingus to take the stage. "Slow burn" is also an apt description.

Plus, I'm doing some more electronic stuff, too. Sorta Zombi/Tangerine Dream. Lot's of new weird synths. Maybe even some more in the direction of my Ugotllathath album. I've been listening to lots of underground atmospheric black metal (Sieghetnar, Xasthur, Darkspace, Chainerdog, ColdWorld), so that dark ambient background is working its way into my system.

We'll see what develops over time.

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